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Tony Sherman

Tony earned a Bachelor’s degree from a top Pennsylvania university in journalism and has been an active member of the military for the past 20 years. Combining his two passions, Tony contributes to various breaking news websites and news publications with the primary focus on foreign policy and worldwide terrorism events.

In his personal life, Tony shares his Kansas home with his wife of 15 years and two daughters, age six and eight. He is also involved with several charitable organizations that help veterans after returning home from service.

Tony offers firsthand knowledge of war and is highly dedicated to providing readers with current and accurate information about world affairs. He digs deep to find facts and with a mighty pen, brings life to stories so everyone can appreciate and understand.

Abby Graham

Abby has been deemed as a highly prolific writer who has a genuine passion for creating strong stories pertaining to news.

Much of Abby’s time is spent with her husband and son in Nevada but because she wants to get information from up and close experiences, she travels often. Her favorite pastimes include gardening and shopping, both activities she calls “therapy”.

Although Abby has a Master’s degree in creative writing from an Arizona University, she found her true calling with journalism. Always interested in things going on both within the United States and overseas, she now works full-time within the news industry, sharing her writing talent with the world through cohesive stories.

David Schultz

David currently works as a lead writer for a respected news website, taking events from different genres and making them palatable. David is a single father who lives in a small town in Maine where he enjoys boating, fishing, and hiking with his dog, Rocky.

For more than 15 years, David published articles for a leading publication but recently, landed a new role where he has more freedom of expression with his writing. Always going the extra mile for his readers, people know they will always be provided with the best but also most current news information available.

David plans to expand on his existing writing education, which he believes will allow him to have an even greater impact.

Jacob Kohn

Born in Germany, Jacob along with his family moved to the United States in 1980 when he was 16 years old. Having seen some conflict in his home country, but also growing up hearing about various wars involving Germany, he always had an interest in journalism and a desire to tell stories through the written word. To fulfill his dream, Jacob attended Auburn University, earning a Master’s degree in journalism.

Jacob has never married, believing that he was called to be a writer and as such, has dedicated his entire life to journalism. He travels to Germany several times a year to maintain a close relationship with the people and politics. In his downtime, he enjoys chess, the fine arts, and cooking German dishes.

Jacob has a unique understanding that news media is different from any other genre. Using his innovative writing skills coupled with a creative mind, he has been able to develop some of the most powerful stories ever written.

William Strong

William is a world news veteran, someone interested in various markets to include world news, sports, technology, health, and others. Possessing diversity in his writing, William is able to switch gears at the drop of a hat but without compromising on the quality of publications produced.

William has a 27-year career in writing and says he “can’t imagine ever doing anything different”. For most of his career, William has been married to his college sweetheart and together, the couple has five children, ranging from 10 to 20. He stays busy with family but always saves time for a once-a-year fishing adventure in Canada.

His goal is to provide readers with stories that are genuinely of interest but also stories that help educate. His passion for writing is not hard to miss in the quality and depth of work produced.

Katrina Evans

Katrina is an award-winning correspondent for one of the major news affiliates but also hosts a weekly radio show to cover major news stories. Considered young compared to her peers, Katrina has what some refer to as an “old soul” when it comes to writing style. She holds both a Bachelor and Master’s degree from a top university but also studied abroad.

Katrina has been married to a journalistic reporter for five years and although the couple has no children, they anticipate starting a family of their own in the near future. In the meantime, Katrina and her husband spend quality time with their three dogs and pet parrot.

She has a style that engages readers and takes advantage of different platforms to include social media. Katrina has a solid career in writing, which includes being a key note speaker at conferences all over the world. Her bold yet bubbly approach to writing makes her work popular.

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